Hi there!

First of all, thank you for taking your time to explore my work. My name is Inka Holck (nee Salmirinne). I am a photographer and Master of Arts majoring media science from the Finnish Lapland. Even though I live in the north I'm willing to travel all around the world to experience and capture the beauty of life.

I've been working as a photographer since 2010 and my work has taken me from cold to hot, from the biggest sports events in Finland across the globe. I gain my inspiration for photography and other work from the nature and all the natural things in life. I believe that pursuing the authentic aspects of life brings us the most beautiful result in arts. Indeed, I'm inspired by life, enchanted by dreams, amazed by the arctic, blessed by the tropics, dumbfounded by the light, humbled by the passion and unwound by peace.

I have mostly been working on the field of sports specializing in winter sports and surfing but I find capturing people and their feelings as well as the little details of nature very interesting. So to say, I do all kinds of photography from nature and sports to portraits, events and fine art photography.

"All of this I can experience while traveling around and exploring the world. I see great art in those types of sports and I want to show the beauty that I see, to others through my photos and films. Photographing an object that moves so fast isn’t easy, but I think that’s the reason why I love it so much. Even if the athlete, the place or the day is the same, every single second that I stand behind my camera challenges me. My photography has taken me to wonderful places and I’ve met people that I would probably never had met without it. I got my first camera when I was eight years old and I’ve enjoyed the art of photography ever since. I’m basically self-taught but I have had some amazing mentors who have helped along the way to get me to this point", from an artist review in Godartet Magazine.

xx, Inka